Sculptor Boy: The Journal Of Jack McRose by Chris Craig

Jack McRose is great at being average.

Needing to ace his finals in order to graduate from the University of Illinois, he plans to bust loose from college and, well, live with his mom while working at his family’s business – a collection agency, managed by his father. His girlfriend is off to Africa for two years. His friends have moved away or are getting married (or both).

Jack’s plans are set, until he takes a road-trip to Colorado to attend the wedding of an old friend. There, he meets Hamish, a clever, charismatic, womanizing New Zealander. Through their friendship, Hamish introduces Jack to a different philosophy and a broader perspective. Hamish helps Jack realize that plans and expectations are great, as long as they’re your own.

Cold Coffee 5 Star Review: Unlike some young men, Jack McRose has a plan for his life. With graduation from the University of Illinois in his sights, his family look forward to him coming home to work in the family business.

It is 1989, in all its glory. However, Jack’s lifelong friends are getting married and moving away. His girlfriend Kate joined the Peace Corps and has moved to Nairobi (capital city of Kenya) for her two-year commitment.

Jack decided to get out of his comfort zone and take a road trip from Chicago to Colorado to attend a friend’s wedding. While in Colorado, Jack meets a young man from New Zealand, who challenges neatly packaged view of reality, the world, and his expected place of duty within the family business.

In this well thought out story, the author, Chris Craig, nudges Jack and his readers to explore an alternative life direction. After all, nothing has been set in stone. His new friend Hamish, brings Jack from a ridged, narrow mindset, into broader perspective, that opens Jack’s mind to the possibilities in life.

I like stories like this, because it reminds the reader that the world is full of new experiences and an array of possibilities that can make the journey of life far more interesting than first imagined. If you like strong characters who are willing to break from the norm, you will enjoy this fast-paced, narrative where the taboos in life become the experimental ground. I purchased this book in Kindle and posted this review on October 29, 2018. I purchased this book from Amazon Print. The review posted on 11/08/2018.

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